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Have you ever wondered about the reason for your existence, the choices you make, the relationships you have? Deep down in your soul, have you had an inner knowing that the societal belief system you were programmed into, may not actually be in favor of your soul’s growth? Why have you been born upon Earth, into this particular family, what is the origin of your soul, what causes the play of events in your life?

It’s because of these questions and my earnest longing to get closer to my Higher Self and life purpose that I started my spiritual journey. A journey that has led me to discover my true self.

I’ve been shown by my Angelic Spirit Guides and Higher Self the life path as a Spiritual Energy Healer. A path where I’m meant to aid the healing process of and upon GAIA for ascension, be of assistance to those that are ready to let go of vibrations that no longer serve their purpose, as well as release energies that keep them dense and stagnate the progress of their soul! Then there are those that are ready to expand their consciousness by journeying through a process of forgiveness, healing, and liberation. Healing and letting go of past or current life karmas (with the permission of the Higher Selves, if lessons have been learned), emotions, sufferings, addictions, soul contracts, energy blockages, removal of entities, retrieval of soul fragments...the list is infinite.

Since energy transfers are a two-way process it’s pertinent for healers to be a clear channel themselves. Therefore, I started this journey by healing myself - mind, body, and soul; I continue to do so on a daily basis.

I am a Seer, Quantum Alchemist, Quantum Alchemy Channel to the Divine, Quantum Hypnotist and a Medium.

I am certified in several holistic energy healing modalities:

~ Certified A.U.R.A Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner   (With the aid of Angels and sacred alchemy symbols)

~ Certified Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healer (R.A.A.H)

~ Certified Quantum Akashic Record Reader 

~ Certified Quantum Alchemy Channeler

~ Certified Quantum Alchemy Energy Healer

~ Accredited Certified Transpersonal Crystal Healer

~ Certified USUI Reiki Master 

Thank you for reading thus far with your beautiful heart. If this resonates with you it’ll be my honor to aid empowering your soul for healing and expansion!

"Every man and woman is an architect of their own healing and their own destiny!" ~ Buddha

Namaste with love and gratitude!

        Meenakshi (Mini)


About Me:

My journey thus far...


AURA and RAAH Practitioner since 2018, this is my fourth Divine year spreading love and healing through these sessions. Having conducted 360+ healing sessions (150+ AURA past life regression sessions) I have the utmost love, respect and honor for these teachings and am continuing to learn through each experience.                        

If you would like to book a session with Meenakshi (Mini) it'll be my honor to be a part of your journey of healing and liberation.


Having gone on and off on the spiritual discovery path since my early twenties, I had kindled my curiosity in the metaphysical world and what lies beyond our 3rd dimensional planet. It wasn’t time yet! I moved on, living my life, holding securely within my heart, my passion for this path.

Hop skip to 2017, due to some beautiful synchronicities in my life I was back to following my heart; strong and steady. An enlightening spiritual journey began! 

As I got closer to my angelic spiritual guides, I was shown my past lives and future timelines, unfolding before me during meditations and dream time. One day at a time they made bite size revelations for my soul’s growth, to empower me for the journey I was to take on.

In support of my path, my galactic soul family, spiritual gifts and soul purpose were revealed to me. As Earth continues it’s ascension journey to New Earth, I’m here to play my role in aiding the transition.

I use my gifts and abilities of Telepathy, Quantum Channeling and Clairs to communicate with the Divine Archangels and Ascended Masters. With the aid of the Divine Archangels, I use my gift of mediumship in aiding discarnate souls to cross over safely to light to continue their journey. A process carried out with infinite love for all creation, as these discarnate souls are also someone’s father, mother, sister, brother, husband, wife, or child!

Being a 'heart-centered' healer my goal is not only to facilitate your healing but most importantly to empower you. We are creator beings and the control of our mind body and soul lies within us!

Namaste with Love and Gratitude,

             Meenakshi (Mini)


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