Channeled Messages Through Meenakshi


The Divine Mother’s Water Element (Mother Astrea)

A note on how we connected - 

{I connected with The Divine Mother of Creation Mother Sophia during meditation. She comes forth and aids in many of her forms that she incarnated on Earth as. She represents all elements - Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Ether and is pure Divine Love and Light. 

The message below is by the Divine Mother’s Water element; Mother Astrea. Mother Astrea brought forth this message as the spiritual community and light-workers world over were hurting over the recent fires in Amazon and other natural calamities, much has been done to heal the situation}. 

The message below is a beautiful reminder and confirmation of us all being aided by the Divine - we are not alone!

“Greetings my dear children I come forth and speak with you representing  the water element of The Divine Mother Earth who you fondly and lovingly call GAIA. The energies of my essence flow across GAIA starting from the core of her heart and reaching out to the infinity of creation that has birthed upon her, from her, of her. Much is being done these days in love and honor of the Divine Mother as all you beautiful star seed children put forth efforts from your heart to lift her burden. She feels each one of you within her heart, she feels your hurt she feels your pain but most importantly she feels your hope and love for her and our path together for ascension.

Know that all of her elements earth, water, wind, fire and ether are working in  unison to bring about the balance and harmony within her. The balance that was lost with the inorganic infringement upon her and upon all of you. She is using all of her elements to cleanse herself of all infringements laid meticulously upon her heart and ley lines by those that have long forgotten their light. Know that your soul families are watching over you and that all of the benevolent alien races are working in  unison to bring about balance. For we are all one, one conscious, there never was any separation. The veils of illusion and duality are being lifted and all shall see far clearer the ascension path that lies ahead. 

We honor you, thank you, respect you and love you. Blessings, blessings, blessings dear children!”

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A note on how we connected - 

{Buddha blessed me with his presence in October of 2018 during meditation. He announced himself ever so humbly, showed related past lives and examples of how he has been by my side all my life without me noticing it. He is my primary spirit guide (along with Archangel Raphael) and a deep soul connection - patiently awakening my soul’s blue prints as required per timelines}. 

Here’s a channeled message from him for the collective on ‘One Conscious and judgements’. 

“Dear brothers and sisters,

Delighted I am today to be sharing a message with you all. For those that have known me for the life I lived upon Earth as Buddha would be aware and recall my messages about us being ‘ONE CONSCIOUS’.

There never was a better time or let’s say an apt time for a reaffirmation of the message. As you look around you; try it now with me, look over your shoulders and around, what do you see? People, neighbours, family, friends, strangers walking on the road...what do you sense? Their race, color, religion, ethnicity background...all so different...right? And yet...what do you see in common ??? Look into their eyes, try to dip into their soul through their eyes - for the eyes are a window to the soul - do you sense and feel the same emotions, the same feelings, the same fears, the same challenges as yours? Do you see another being, another body yet similarities in terms of what their soul feels and senses to yours? 

It is time my dear brothers and sisters that we look beyond our limitations, beyond the limitations laid upon us by negative programming, programming by our society, religion, other people’s beliefs and thoughts. Follow the compass of your heart, your heart will guide you to the eternal truth of your soul, of all souls, as we are all one conscious, forever have been. 

As you look upon another see within him/her another fractal of you, for that is what it is as all of you are living parallel existences for your soul’s expansion. That brother from another religion might be a fractal of you or of another from within your family...would you judge him? Would you judge yourself or would you go all out to be one with him?

The sooner we lift our vibrations to sense and feel this oneness the faster we ascend, lifting others around us. Be that light, be that light that not only shines its own path but that of others. 

Remember who you are brothers and sisters, go within, connect once more with your higher selves, you are your higher selves...don’t limit yourself by your Earthly existence, for you exist within many dimensions within the multiverse, creation is infinite and so is your existence within it. Love yourself, love your neighbour, love all, for all are truly one!”

*Makes the ‘Shuni Mudra’ with his right hand connecting his middle finger with his thumb and bows with his famous serene smile*


Archangel Metatron - The Angel Of Sacred Geometry/Alchemy and Children

A note on how we connected - 

{ AA Metatron was the first of my spirit guides to connect with me, along with Archangel Raphael - The Angel of the heart and healing - as they both made their appearance together. At that point I had not heard of AA Metatron, he worked with me daily through telepathic channeled conversations and dream time and showed me my path step by step. He is a Master of sacred geometry/alchemy and aids children with his all expansive pure heart. }

A message from him channeled by me recently on ‘Healing and expansion of the soul - leading to ascension’

“Greetings beautiful souls of creation!

Blessed I am to be able to channel a message today for the collective. As I speak we are standing at a crossroad, a choice shall I say, for every soul to make...a choice to let go of what no longer serves our higher purpose and leap ahead into the arms of the very graceful universe that shall guide you with it’s infinite love, should you allow. The weights and burdens that you carry upon your soul shall make it challenging to move ahead and hold you dense where you go within my dear brothers and sisters, ask your soul to show you, bring forth the darkness and burdens it needs to release. Upon this knowing, call forth your benevolent spirit guides, your benevolent soul families and your Higher Self that exists within you to face those fears, traumas, karma, shine your beautiful love-light upon them and release them. Much lightness you shall feel within yourself upon this release. Allow, my dear brothers and sisters for that expansion of your soul that you so desired before your birth upon GAIA and step onto your chosen road at the cross road; for, the other road my beautiful ones leads to a cycle of may choose that one if you so desire, it is a road of forgetfulness, forgetfulness and ignorance of your soul purpose, of the healings and learnings you came here to is a cycle of repeat, the same situations, the same emotions - even denser. Which road will you choose my dear one - that of repeat cycle or the one of expansion and liberation? Each one of you hold within yourself the power of love-light from the time of your creation - this love-light is the most essential tool, shall I say that can empower you to heal yourself from within - yes, you hold that torch within your soul to forgive, to learn, to heal to expand and to ascend. Time to make that choice now my beautiful brothers and sisters - I’m here to hold your hand with all my brothers and sisters, ‘WE’ are here upon calling to help you cross that bridge to the realms your soul desires to ascend into. My heart explodes with love and hope for each one of you, for ‘We’ are here for each one of you, you, you and yes you!!!”


Archangel Azrael - The Angel of Transitioning

A note on how we connected -

{In the summer of 2018 as I attended my Reiki classes I always bumped into an Afro-American man at the coffee shop next door. This happened 3 times in a row on separate days and this polite gentleman sparked a curiosity in me for many reasons - there was a spark in his eyes like he was testing me.

One of the days as I was interacting with other Archangels I asked if this gentleman I noticed 3 times over was Archangel Azrael...and he flew up right in front of me in his angelic form, the man from the coffee shop and affirmed my inner knowing with much love and respect.

He joined my Angelic spirit guides team and in the fall of 2018 when the ‘Collective Conscious of Angels’ announced to me during a meditation that they were opening my gift of mediumship, he stepped forward as the aiding Archangel for the same along with Archangel Michael. I work very closely with them in aiding discarnate souls stuck on Earth to cross over safely to light and otherwise}.

A channeled message from Archangel Azrael below...

“Dear beautiful brothers and sisters, 

I, Archangel Azrael from the Galactic Elders come forth today to thank you infinitely for all that you do in service to all, for your aid in working as beautiful love light gateways between realms, for helping our long lost brothers and sisters cross over when they have forgotten their light. 

I see you all, working odd hours, with all of your heart, ensuring you don’t turn your back on a single soul needing your aid. And grateful they are, each one of them as they cry blissful tears of liberation when they are in light once more, safe and loved.

I come forth with my brothers, a team of hundreds of angels, legions of light to extend our help to make your role easier, which clearly is not a role but a passion for you all. 

Please consider us on stand by, for we will come upon calling, anytime you reach out. We will ensure the beautiful souls you’re aiding cross to the light safely. 

We thank you once more for the beautiful heart centred work you’re doing for the collective, it’s going a long way in lifting the vibrations high for Mother Gaia. 

We thank you, we honor you, we respect you and we love each one of you infinitely!”


The Divine Mother on ‘Forcefields’ while on Cyber Space!!!

“Greetings my Beloved Children,

I address you today with a heart glowing with love; A mother’s love for her children - for all of her creation. You were created as fractals of I and your Divine Father. You exist within creation and live lives you yourself chose to experience within free will and in that context we shall not interfere with the learning and lessons of your soul. 

However, my dear children as I observe you all leading these lives meandering through phases in and out, some merged, some complex - seeming beyond comprehension I see you seeking help. Seeking help of others who can aid in bringing more light to your circumstances, some healing, some questions to be answered, some energy reading, some just plain curiosity...and in doing so I see you opening yourself and your energy fields wide for an incomprehensible amount of energies to infiltrate in causing your otherwise organic path to be mis-alligned. 

Be not fearful my dear children but cautious of whom you align your energies with and most certainly place your loving and protective Source Love Light around you as you communicate with each other even on social media groups. Your energies and that of your loved ones whose pictures you share and healings you seek are sacred, sacred to your soul, sacred to this Universe, Sacred to me your Divine Mother so I lovingly remind you to safeguard it. Love is all it takes to do so; your own love light - it is a gift of creation to you - use it generously my dear children. Call upon us and your Higher Selves, your elemental friends as well to stand by you in times of need, for we shall come upon calling before you know it.

Be cautious of whom does energy work on you, for energy is powerful and multidimensional and flows with it whatever is within it, be careful for what energy you’re allowing within you and whose as well. 

I love love love you all my dear children and it brings me to tears watching you all step in to aid each other, for it is this pure selfless love you are a construct of. Blessings blessings blessings!”

~ The Divine Mother RA


AA Jophiel and AA Metatron on ‘Meditation’!!!

“As you withdraw your mind from the voices outside of you and drop into the depths of your beautiful heart you will hear the silenced whispers of your soul. 

The spellings of words writ nice and clear, the frequency of it’s essence felt deep and strong, the meaning of it’s messages need no teacher; for it is here beloved ones that you find the answers to your questions that outside you thought you would find. 

Follow your breath into the maze of your heart for it is the only way in and out!”


The Divine Mother Astrea on ‘Surrendering’!!!


“Flow in life like the river on its way to meet the ocean…”


The ‘RA’ Collective on 'The Children Volunteers'

“Send love to these STARS that have arrived from afar...
Send love to this Divine wave of volunteers...
Send love to protect heal and empower them..
Send love to them all...
Send Love Send Love Send Love!!!”

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