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 These are some of the services I specialize in. If you feel you would benefit from customizing a service such as a weekday or weekend service or would like to inquire about other options, do not hesitate to email me. All is possible with the aid of the Divine and your pure heart.

Transpersonal Crystal Healing

Relax and Realign Chakras (In Person)
~ 60 min session ~ CAD $ 111 ~ USD $84 ... the correct currency will be reflected at checkout and in your statement

This beautiful healing modality is unique in it’s combination of Transpersonal Crystal Therapy and Counseling, resulting in a profound holistic healing. 

'Transpersonal' means 'beyond the personality'. It refers to a form of psycho-spiritual therapy that delves beyond the outer personality layers of the 'Self', to investigate the deeper, more spiritual experiences that shape our evolution. Transpersonal Psychology (or Spiritual Psychology) aims to explore and understand a person multi-dimensionally - by honouring the psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical.

During the session each of the chakras are cleansed using the powerful energies of the crystals following which Source energy is channeled into all the chakras thus resulting in cleansing and realigning of body chakras. 

USUI Reiki Healing

In-Person or Distance Healing (Online)  
~ 60 min session ~ CAD $ 111 ~ USD $84 ... the correct currency will be reflected at checkout and in your statement

Rei in Japanese means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power" and Ki is "life force energy". Reiki literally means "spiritually guided life force energy.” The practitioner taps into this abundant unlimited energy and channels it through a laying of hands.

Reiki healing is holistic in nature and helps achieve a natural and sound sense of well being - body mind and soul. This works miraculously in stress reduction, balancing every aspect of self and in collaboration with other medical treatments (Surgery/medical conditions) to accelerate recovery.

AURA - Hypnosis Healing Technique

Hypnosis using sacred alchemy for energy work with the aid of the Divine Angels (In Person or Online)
~ 4 1/2 hrs to 5 1/2 hrs session ~ CAD $333 ~ USD $251... the correct currency will be reflected at checkout and in your statement

Angelic Universal Regression Alchemy healing is a quantum hypnosis modality that has been uniquely designed to include intensive sacred energy work and the aid of the Divine Angels to heal mind body and soul. It is multi-dimensional in several ways as you travel back and forth in time to discover your past and sometimes future lives. This is done with the involvement of your Higher Self.

What is your soul’s origin - which galactic or stars or planet are you from? What’s the purpose of your life? What’s the reason for your illnesses, fears, habits, relationship dynamics? What’s the Karma, energetic cords or contracts you need to cut off to evolve; leading to your soul’s expansion, retrieval of your soul’s fragments etc. The list is infinite, as is the scope of this healing. 

This healing modality begins with an hour long interview to discuss your life history/experiences/questions etc. followed by 45 minutes of energy work post which the client is inducted into hypnosis which can last anywhere from 1.5 hrs to 3 hrs. 

Within the hypnosis state a visit to the past/parallel/future life is made following which your higher self and the angels are called upon to scan your body for healing needs. The higher self answers questions put forth by you, if they are in alignment with your timelines. A recording of the session will be shared with you within 24 hours.

Be prepared to spend 3.5 to 5 hours with the practitioner for this powerhouse healing!

Be sure to check out the link below on how to prepare for an AURA regression session!

R.A.A.H - Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing

A sister to the AURA regression modality with the exception of the hypnosis state! 

    ~ 1.5 to 2 hrs a session ~ CAD $177 ~ USD $134 ... the correct currency will be reflected at checkout and in your statement

R.A.A.H - Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing

A sister to the AURA regression modality with the exception to the hypnosis state!

Reiki Angelic Alchemy Healing is a unique modality which brings together a combination of sacred alchemy symbols and the Divine Archangels. 

For those that are not ready for an A.U.R.A. regression yet or simply choose to have their mind body and soul cleansed this is an incredible option.

In this modality sacred alchemy work is done to clear all body chakras (exactly like the A.U.R.A. session) to establish a pure connection with the higher realms; the client’s Higher Selves and the Archangels.

Following a body scan using all Clairs, telepathy and the Archangels aid Reiki energy is channeled into the client. 

Typically, this energy is self directing, however; the practitioner would intentionally send it to areas that show up during the body scan that need specific clearing. Egs: clearing and disintegration of: negative implants, negative cords, negative hooks and portals. Apart from removal of entities, healing of traumas and energy blockages, expansion of spiritual gifts with the Higher Selves permission, transmuting the harmful effects of immunization shots the chakras can also be realigned and charged.

This healing modality is for clients of all ages, animals and properties. 

One of the most beautiful gifts of this modality is the empowerment clients sense in realizing their own ability to connect with their higher selves upon this healing thus enabling them to seek their answers from within their soul!

Be ready to block aside 1.5 ~ 2 hrs with the practitioner including the interview and post healing discussion. 



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